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We are the largest exporter of lace in Colombia.

and the company with the broadest global portfolio of designs and technologies, combining industry tradition with technology and continuous innovation.

For more than 45 years we have accompanied and promoted the positioning of the Colombian textile industry as one of the best in quality and innovation at a global level.

We are certified suppliers of the world's major corset brands and thanks to the acquisition of new technologies we have entered the Shapewear, Sporfit and Swimwear (control, sports and swimwear) segments.


Our History

Family business

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Marco Bibas, and aimed at the decoration and home segment, the company has always been at the forefront of technologies and new developments.


Global Consolidation

Towards the 90s, his son, Leon Bibas, developed the line of elastic lace and set out to consolidate ENCAJES as one of the largest suppliers of elastic lace globally.


After its global consolidation in the elastic lace line, the company's mission has been technological and differentiating development. Today, the elastic lace line has more than 10 technologies that provide design, sophistication, exclusivity, comfort and transparency without losing the delicacy of the lace.



The large number of technologies that the company has has allowed it to reach new segments. Around 2013, the development of a new line of Powernet-type fabric allowed it to complement its product offering for corsetry brands that sought to add the benefit of molding to their garments. This step allowed the company to have the bases to complement and position its line of Powernets for the Control Belts segment.


Circular Knits Entering the control line gave the company the necessary impetus to begin the development of new fabrics and present a portfolio that includes circular fabrics and 3D fabrics. This allowed it to enter new segments such as Sports and Bathroom with great force.


Purpose and value proposition

We are a textile company that seeks to improve the quality of life of its work team and their families through the implementation of best social and environmental practices. We focus all our efforts in developing integrated textile solutions with high technology, differentiation and innovation based on the latest fashion trends in order to reach all markets in the apparel universe.


Creativity at its best
We have the largest collection of designs in the world. Each collection is made based on new global trends and presenting our customers with the changes that consumers are experiencing season after season.


Evolution and Innovation
We are constantly seeking to improve our offer and our processes, that is why we are committed to using advanced technology in the most critical and differentiating processes.


Co-Creation and Exclusivity
We know the importance of standing out in the market and having your own seal in each of the designs, so we have a team focused on custom development that allows us to offer our customers the exclusivity of each of the designs.

Our Pillars

How do we do it?
All our products go through 5 or 6 major production processes. Each one of them is full of technicalities and controls, but today we want to tell you in an easy and simple way how we work:

Presenting 4 collections with more than 600 new designs a year requires great effort and global influence, which is why we have designers from around the world and a great local team that is in charge of carrying out each new development.


From the design we identify the yarns of each reference and they are conditioned in one of our plants to later arrive at the knitting plant. There each new design and fabric materializes.


Once knitting , our references go to the dyeing and finishing plant where the colors of each client are given life and the different special finishes that we handle are given.

The Laboratories and Quality area plays a very important role, since it is thanks to them that we manage to meet the high standards of the most demanding clients globally and achieve all our certifications.


Finally, our references reach the cutting and silicone department, where every strip and centimeter of lace or fabric is reviewed in detail; and silicone is added for our Control line fittings.


The newest process in our production line is 100% water-free printing. With this we can customize not only fabrics, but also lace and lace to achieve greater distinction in the garments.


Thanks to whom?

Human talent is our most important asset. Our operation is only possible thanks to the great human team that is behind each process, and that feels as their own each of the achievements we reach as an organization.

The experience, knowledge and teamwork of each employee strengthens us as a company and allows us to continue growing and consolidating our portfolio.

Sustainable Fashion

We have obtained global certifications that support and confirm our commitment to the environment. Each one of them is the result of the hard work and preparation of our work team.
Encajes Logos Certificados.jpg

Being at the forefront of global trends made us aware of this important change in the new consumers. Thanks to this analysis, since 2011 we have been working on improving our production, social, business and environmental practices to clean up our processes and positively impact our industry. Today we can proudly say that:


We have 60% of our chemicals and inputs approved by the ZDHC(Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) program.

We treat 100% of the wastewater from our production processes.

We reduced our total water consumption by 30%.

We generate 100% of the energy consumed by our dyeing and finishing plant.

We promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of raw materials.

We have been OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified since 2003.

In 2019 we introduced our GO GREEN® brand.

In 2021 we obtained GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.


Is our eco-sustainable brand in response to new consumers who are increasingly looking for garments and products that are conscious and responsible of their impact on the environment.


GO GREEN® brand products are woven with 100% recycled Nylon, which eliminates up to 70% of the production processes and up to 50% of the raw material extraction processes and are GRS-Global Recycled Standard certified.

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