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You will discover trends, new textures to create incredible collections with us! We accompany you in the creation process with expert advice and our exclusive sample kit. ⬇️

Discover the magic of fabrics turned into art! Our passion for fashion and creativity drives us to offer you a unique experience in acquiring fabrics for your projects. Each of our fabrics is carefully designed and crafted to become a work of art in itself.

  • Discover the power of textile innovation with unique combinations that will challenge the boundaries of fashion design. Our trend consulting will immerse you in a world of unprecedented possibilities.

  • Unlock your creative genius with the best-kept secret of elite designers: our mysterious and captivating swatch kit. Discover a world of unexplored possibilities as you immerse yourself in inspiration and guidance that will unleash your imagination and lead you to create innovative, trend-setting fashion garments.

  • Unleash the power of your creativity and let yourself be seduced by the magic that only our exclusive samples and cutting-edge fashion advice can bring you. Get ready to dazzle the world with dream collections that will leave everyone speechless. Are you ready for the challenge?


Premium Portfolio

lace in Colombia and Latin America.

Unique brand

in Colombia that markets its fabrics to top international brands.

The best and fastest

Colombian lace factory that offers co-design to its partners.

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